• Managing Director, Asia (Hong Kong, Taiwan) MFA亞洲主管(香港,臺灣)

    Managing Director, Asia (Hong Kong, Taiwan) MFA亞洲主管(香港,臺灣)

    Terms of Employment: Full Time, At Will


     Reports to: Senior Vice President, International


    Position Location: Position Location: Hong Kong preferred, China and Taiwan also possible


    Position Objective:

    Oversee Mercy For Animals’ work in Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan by providing strategic leadership in the principal areas of fundraising, administration, investigations, corporate engagement, legal, and social impact; manage new hires and key relationships; and help implement short-term and long-range goals, plans, and policies to further the organization’s mission



    Primary Responsibilities and Duties:

    • Help identify, recruit, interview, and select new team members in Hong Kong and China
    • Create and build relationships with key companies, supporters, politicians, and others to grow MFA’s reach and impact
    • Assist in development of operational processes and communication channels to foster and sustain strong team cohesion and high morale among all team members
    • Assist with development, corporate outreach, and public policy work as needed
    • Help execute any and all programs for which dedicated staff have not been hired or for which vacancies have arisen, including translation; operations and human resources; creating and sharing social media content and blogs; and meeting with lawmakers, corporate officials, and donors
    • Serve as a spokesperson for MFA at press conferences, meetings, and other events
    • Work closely with vice presidents, managing directors, and program heads to ensure program activities in Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan are maximally successful and culturally appropriate
    • Help develop MFA’s presence in Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan with optimal tone, approach, positioning, and branding
    • Provide all necessary conditions for all departments to achieve their goals in Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan
    • Maintain strong working relationships with other nonprofit organizations working on farmed animal welfare and other causes related to MFA’s mission
    • Identify new opportunities for program growth, including novel programming, fundraising, and partnerships in Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan
    • Adhere to all human resource and administrative policies and procedures
    • Perform any other duties as assigned by supervisor


    • 創建並保持與關鍵公司,支持者,政客等的關系,以幫助MFA在宣傳與影響上的擴大
    • 確保所有在香港,內地,臺灣的員工和合約員工的團隊凝聚力和士氣,並幫助發展所
    • 需要的達到此目的的方法以及溝通渠道
    • 幫助識別,招募,面試,以及選擇新加入的員工和合約員工
    • 如有需要,協調與發展部,企業推廣部,公共政策部的工作
    • 在尚未成功招募新人員或者職位空缺的時候,幫助執行任何以及所有活動所需區域的工作,包括翻譯,操作,人力資源,創造並分享社交媒體內容和博客
    • 為MFA憫惜動物在新聞發布會以及其他活動上擔任發言人
    • 與其他副主席密切地合作與管理,確保於香港,內地,臺灣的活動是文化上適宜並能將成功最大化
    • 使用最佳的格調,方式,定位,品牌術,幫助MFA憫惜動物發展在香港,內地,臺灣的形象
    • 幫助香港,內地,臺灣的所有部門實現目標而提供所有需要的支持
    • 與其他農場動物福利的非牟利組織以及其他與MFA目標相關的組織保持密切的工作關系
    • 識別有助於香港,內地,臺灣的計劃成長的新機會,包括創新的計劃,籌款,合作

    Position Requirements:

    • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to communicate professionally and persuasively, both verbally and in writing
    • Comfort with public speaking
    • Strong work ethic and drive to succeed
    • Keen judgment with respect to hiring and other decisions for MFA in Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan
    • Exceptional organizational skills and ability to manage multiple projects and relationships at once
    • Willingness and ability to travel with great frequency
    • Verbal and written fluency in English and Mandarin Chinese
    • Preferred fluency in Cantonese
    • Professional appearance and adherence to a vegan lifestyle
    • Commitment to the objectives of the organization


    • 英語能力(中等水平;並不需要您是英語專家,因為我們可以為您購買學習英語的工具幫助您改進)
    • 強大的人際交往能力,以及在口語和寫作中專業並說服力強的溝通技能
    • 無懼於公開演講
    • 非常有職業道德以及成功的動力
    • 保持判斷力,包括在選擇MFA員工的時候
    • 出色的組織技能,以及同時管理多項任務和關系的技能
    • 願意並能夠經常性地旅遊
    • 對於組織的目標作出承諾